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About Pilates by Georgia

As a mother of three and a working Chartered Physiotherapist with more than 15 years experience in teaching Pilates and intelligent movement I have gained a wealth of knowledge. I have worked with a variety of body types from elite athletes, international equestrians, professional golfers and rugby players to postnatal mothers or patients with chronic lower back pain.

My Pilates by Georgia classes are for everyone and will complement any existing workouts and improve your posture and muscle structure, making you quicker, leaner and stronger.

So if you are a sportsperson, expectant or new mother, recovering from injury or just someone who wants to be a stronger, fitter version of themselves, my classes are for you.

By educating you about your body and teaching intelligent movement I can help you be your best and prevent injury no matter what type of classes you enjoy.

I passionately believe Pilates should be affordable and available to everyone, so for less than the price of one class you can gain monthly access to my entire library.

Ask me for help in creating the right workout schedules for you. I will use my knowledge and understanding of the body, its biomechanics and physiology to assist you and progress you at the right speed to safely push you further than you ever thought your body could go!